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Agriculture is a fast moving field which has made remarkable gains in recent decades, both in terms of productivity, but also in terms of environmental stewardship. That said, we face the daunting challenge of feeding a growing population with a rising standard of living through much of this century. To do this with minimal environmental impact will require the development and implementation of even more sophisticated technology than in the past. Savage and Associates offers consulting services to the technology companies, food companies, grower organizations and investors who are contributing to these solutions.

To assist clients with a wide range of strategic, technical, marketing and financial questions, Steve Savage relies on 30+ years of diverse experience in ag, but also on an extensive network of other senior agricultural experts. These are other independent consultants with deep expertise in different fields.

Our goal is to answer client questions through customized projects that deliver cost-effective, but in-depth analysis. Frequent work topics include: technical solution searches and brainstorming; feasibility and value estimations; intellectual property scans; value-chain analysis and partnering strategies; carbon/water/energy foot-printing; sustainability strategies and go-to-market strategies

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